• Barry created a program that suited us. He listened to what we wanted and also contributed his own ideas through the process. Barry backs his product and I would use him again in the future

    Adrian Van De Ven

    Cammthane Pty Ltd

  • Barry provided ongoing software maintenance & provided a solution for our software needs, which was great, but being a corporate company an internal solution was developed. Good work and good support

    John Allan

    Toll Logistics (Port Kembla)

  • We’ve now got time to grow the business, the system runs the business – so we don’t need further resources for growth

    Pamela Hutchinson


  • Barry custom developed a program to suit our business needs. He is ALWAYS at hand to fix any issues that may arise or to develop it further for us when we have needed the program to grow with our business growth. Highly Recommend

    Ann McColl

    ParkTrent Properties Group

  • Barry has been pivotal in creating a customised customer database that suits our extensive needs over a broad spectrum of our business. His suggestions and ideas, and overall skill, has provided a high end, reliable product at a competitive investment. Barry continues to work with ParkTrent to ensure our ever changing business requirements are matched by our database

    Jenae Johnston

    ParkTrent Properties Group


3 Streeton ave, Kanahooka NSW 2530

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About Us

we match your existing business processes and align the system to fit your needs precisely. When you need to change a business process, we adjust the system to fit your new layout.

Many businesses use “Off the shelf” accounting packages to “run” their businesses. The usual results are:

- The “Off the shelf” package does hundreds of things, but few of them perfectly
- “Off the shelf” packs are FINANCE-CENTRIC so often DO NOT MESH with your sales and ordering processes.
- The “Off the shelf” packs NEVER INTEGRATE with PRODUCTION, MANUFACTURING or SERVICE DELIVERY, yet these areas often yield very LARGE EFFICIENCY GAINS.
- The “Off the shelf” packs often require you to be a partial computer/accounting genius to make them fit your business.

The initial level of investment required for a custom software solution is often perceived as a disadvantage, however whilst it may mean a larger upfront payment in year one, the organisation will benefit in the longer term through improved efficiency and productivity and without the need to train staff in new working practices.

It is custom-built for you and will therefore meet your exact needs and will integrate with your business processes and requirements
It is tailored to the way you and your employees are used to working so there will only be a short learning curve
Your custom software will perform tasks such as customer communications better, giving you a distinct advantage over competitors using other systems
As your organisation grows and evolves, the custom software can be modified in line with your changing needs.


Having a software solution custom-built for you means that it will meet your exact needs and will have been developed around the way your business operates


  • Error reduction across the whole sales production-delivery-invoicing-resale process
  • Manpower savings
  • Process acceleration across the entire business



  • 100% Database Application Design

  • 100% Analysis & Development

  • 100% Cutting- Edge Softwares


3 Streeton ave, Kanahooka NSW 2530

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02 4261 1887, 0412 594 209

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Barry Stevens Business Software helps companies reduce costs, streamline workflow and realise productivity gains, by automating manual processes through creating a centralised database with access to user’s business functions.

Barry Stevens Business Software specialise in the development of customised database software using OpenInsight for our multivalue database application Design, Analysis & Development, OpenInsight is a true, graphical, multivalue product that’s been around since 1992.

We specialize in custom-fit business software system solutions backed by professional support, and map your current business procedures to provide you with a user-friendly database software system which can run your entire business. Any future changes in business processes can be easily accommodated by simply adjusting the system layout to fit your needs.

You will be provided with an all-in-one innovative system that works together with your business operations in finance, production/manufacturing, and service delivery. Most importantly – you’ll have peace of mind knowing your new, smarter business systems are working at optimum level saving you time, money and man-hours, and reducing costly errors!

As a valued partner you will have access not only to state-of-the-art business software, but to professional, competent, and responsive members of our team – we are just a phone call away at all times. We understand your business needs, and we know that to sustain and grow your business bottom line, efficiency is the key.







Funeral Homes

Parsons Funerals – Wollongong

Hills Family Funerals - Castle Hill

Godfrey Smith Funerals – Bathurst

Hutchinson Family Funerals – Taree

John Bance & Son – Wagga Wagga

Lady Rose Funerals – Bowral

Allan Harris McDonald – Wagga Wagga

Rankins Funerals - Warrawong

Stan Crapp Funerals – Kiama

Wollongong City Funerals – Dapto

Collier Trenerry – Griffith

In-House Auctions

Bid Buy Sold – Villawood

Auction World – Campbelltown

Auction World – Revesby

Auction World – Windsor

Combined Auctions


Cammthane – Albion Park Rail

Bentlor Furniture – Unanderra

Software For Clubs

Reward Dollars Reconcile

Powerpoint Slides Scheduler

Airport Transfer Bookings

Leisure Coast Limousines - Wollongong

Property Management System

Parktrent Properties Group – Wollongong

Heavy Machinery Contracting

Rick Davis Contracting – Ingleside 


Mark Robson Plumbing – Albion Park


K.I.S.S. Trust

Shellharbour City Baptist Church Assist – Warilla


Initial consultations are free of charge. Contact us via any of the methods below.

Discuss your business layout and existing systems. Scope the potential savings and other benefits you could expect from system implementation or improvements. Provide you with a proposal that lays out the entire solution. Provide fixed price options for your investment decision.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


3 Streeton ave, Kanahooka NSW 2530

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02 4261 1887, 0412 594 209

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3 Streeton ave, Kanahooka NSW 2530

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02 4261 1887, 0412 594 209

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